Pizza Di Rocco Al Ain

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

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The fabulous Abu Dhabi brand has branched out to Al Ain, in a new development near the stadium, and we couldn’t be more impressed. It’s slightly different, in that it’s very much dine-in friendly, with a good sized indoor restaurant as well as a pleasant, relaxed outdoor area. The food is the same incredible, consistently good quality, designed to tempt. We started with the complimentary bread and moved swiftly on to the insalata di Rocco, whose leaves, tomatoes and goats cheese balls were piquantly topped with the dressing of dreams 😉. The burrata was equally as good, smeared onto a hunk of crusty bread and enhanced with a balsamic dip. Truly good! The new menu addition is a good one. Unlike many pizza places that do pasta, this has been clearly thought through for taste and aesthetics. The gnocchi with pesto tasted superb, and was green and vibrant and absolutely impossible not to order another, stuffed though we were! We ordered our favourite Fattoria pizza, unparalleled for taste and pizza-beauty. Who doesn’t love that combo of sundried tomatoes and caramelised onions?! Yum! And on to dessert! We couldn’t go past the Pizza Lulu, a salivating blend of Nutella and dough, chewy and moreish. This was swiftly followed by tiramisu and a glass of speculoos gelato, that we chose from the cabinet outside and ate out in the sun. It’s pretty typically Al Ain, relaxed and fresh. The staff were outstanding: truly personable people who work intuitively. We’ve eaten Pizza Di Rocco many times, but this was the best experience. And interestingly, it made all the difference dining in - we concentrated more on the tastes and flavours of the food and maybe rediscovered its goodness. Bottom line: whenever, we’re in Al Ain we’ll scheme to get a meal here - it’s THAT good! #invited

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