Pizza di Rocco

Delivery from Etihad Plaza.


Perfect for: dinner with friends where you want better-than-average more proper Italian pizza

The backwards review 🙃

Warm melty chocolate. Everywhere. Pizza Lulu. Nutella. Dough. Looks like a car crash, tastes like a dreeeeaaammm. Tiramisu, mmmmmmmmmmm. And gluten free cheesecake double mmmmmmm but needs cream or ice-cream or something to cut the sweetness. Anyhow, that's my problem, not theirs ;)

Pizzas were tasty - we got the margherita with extra cheese which resulted in two veeeery quiiiiiieeeeet children. And because we live in a world of denial, the parents ordered salads. My all time fave Insalata di Rocco - pine nuts, walnuts, roasted feta balls, olives, tomatoes, sweet balsamic dressing. Come ON! Caesar was also great quality and portion size. After that, I felt so virtuous that I felt I could sample the pizza Lulu without guilt. I'm awesome at that whole 'you've been so good now you can blow it' thing 😆

The only thing that didn't melt my butter was the garlic bread which was a bit too bitter for me.

But honestly, back to dessert ...

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