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Review of the week prize from Pizza di Rocco.

You know those nights when despite the school events, despite work commitments, despite taking care of pets and children and spouses and bills, all while getting the kids to do their homework, you end up with an hour long period where you can cook a nice family dinner, sit down together and talk about the weather?

No? Don’t worry, me neither. Free time around here is like a diet that involves ice cream and beer. Non-existent. So when I was contacted about my prize for winning review of the week, on the same night I had an event at my son’s school, I knew that plans were sorted for the night.

I contacted Mr. Samaha to arrange delivery of my prize at 7. I placed my order, and after they called to confirm all the details(including crust type), they assured me it would arrive at 7 as I requested.

We arrived home from the event at 6:45. Kids are already clamoring for dinner. “We have to walk the dog? But we haven’t eaten anything for 12 whole minutes! We’re starving!” I assure them it will be there by 7. 6:58 strikes. They’re looking at me with a look that says “In two minutes, I’m eating something. Either pizza, or your kidney. You better hope that doorbell rings soon”.

As the clock struck 6:59 I started looking for household objects I could use to defend myself if required when the bell rings. The sweet sound of safety. I quickly accepted the delivery and laid it out on the counter. Apologies in advance for the photos, as they are not the best, but I was fighting for my life trying to hold back the kids!

As plates were quite literally being thrown around the kitchen, I managed to snag one of the mozzarella frittas. Wow! So cheesy! If you like cheese sticks, you gotta try these out. There’s only two in the order, but they’re huge! Then I lied to my son and told him his iPad was about to fall off the table in order to steal a chicken strip off his plate. Not sure what breading they use for these. Panko? More like pank-tastic!

I’m sorry guys. That was bad. I know it. You know it. We’re gonna have to move on together. Just know that the chicken strips were indeed amazing.

Then we moved on to the mains. Pizza!!! The kids are about as original as the white walls in our townhome, so they like cheese. We decided against the traditional margherita pizza and instead went with the Quattro fromaggi. 4 cheeses. 4 flavors. 1 pizza. 2 happy kids! ‘Nuff said.

My wife and I partook in the pollo pesto. Little bit of pesto, some broccoli, some chicken? Sounds like a diet, right? If it is, sign me up. I don’t know if I’ve ever had broccoli on pizza, but I’m down to do it again if it tastes like this! The broccoli seemed really fresh and not over cooked. The chicken was really good as well. A lot more of it then I expected. My wife said it had a light spice to it, but she says the same thing about ice cubes, so take that for what it is.

Some pizza lulu for the kids for dessert. Pretty standard Nutella pizza, but with some additional nuts on top. Good flavor. Hard to mess it up, but I certainly can’t do it, so credit where it’s due.

Then we had the cheesecake. Dulce de leche? More like Dulce de-licious! (That makes up for that horrible pun earlier, right?)

Did you ever make caramel apples in the fall as a kid? You buy a bag of individually wrapped caramels and your mom let’s you unwrap them and them to her to melt on the stove? Well I did. And I used to eat one for every one that went on the pot. That’s what this cheesecake tasted like. Pure, delicious, smooth caramel. Very yummy, but anything more than a couple bites might be too rich for me.

All told, I’ve got two kids that are no longer glaring at me like I’m a T-Bone, a wife who has agreed to tolerate me for at least one more day, and a full belly! Well done Pizza di Rocco and thank you Best Bites Abu Dhabi and PdR for this magnificent prize!

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