Park Hyatt

Gee Seale is at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas.

The Cafe Park Hyatt, Saadiyat Iftar buffet 250 AED per person, Entertainer accepted (2-4-1) Edit: this includes fruit juices & water

I’m suffering hard from indigestion as I write this review. Edit: indigestion from over-eating

The buffet featured many food tables with special items along with the usual suspects: Arabic, Curries, giant salmon, kebabs, breads, cheese, dips, desserts, fruit juices, ice cream, salad, vegetables... but the highlight for me was the bbq outside!

I tried a bit of everything (approx 1-2 tablespoons each) and my top 5 savoury items of the whole buffet were (I had to really think): 1. Chicken from skewers from outside bbq area 2. Arabic dish of lamb and rice 3. Tuna steak from outside bbq area 4. Beef isal (spellcheck) Maas 5. A type of chicken curry I didn’t see the name tag for

My top 3 sweets: 1. Chocolate tart - a solid 5/5 2. Mango sorbet 3. Berry panna cotta

Overall, it was a lovely experience. My family visiting from the UK enjoyed the experience a lot.

Would I recommend: yes, and with the Entertainer, it makes it very good value.

Would I return: no, not because the experience wasn’t great but because I’ve only ever done two Iftars and want to try others.

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