Zaffar Ijaz Ahmad 1 May at 16:22

Parivaar Food: 🥩🥩🥩🥩 Service: 🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎 Ambience:🎭🎭🎭🎭 Value for money:💲💲💲💲💲 So here we are in lockdown in Ramadan, and I've been a good boy eating home cooked meals till now. So when the wife left me (alas only for thursday 😥) i had to order for me and me mam. My first thoughts were "Entertainer"...but as i was FB'ing Parivaar popped up. Now I have reviewed it before when it was a predominantly Nepalese restaurant and enjoyed the meal. They have a few set menus as delivery options and i opted for the deluxe meal for 4 (I always over order) for Aed 149. What you get is 4 drinks, 2 channa chaat, 2 fruit chaat, 4 samosas, 4-5 pakoras, 4-5 Lahori fish pieces, 4 shammi kebab, 4 seekh kebab, 2 chicken haandi bowls, 2 chicken biryani boxes, 2 sets of naan and gulab jamun. My mom had the channa chaat and finished one bowl of fruit chaat and enjoyed them, while I skipped them in favour of the more artery clogging fatty and meaty pursuits. The potato(e) samosa was nice, flaky and still crisp. However the pakoras had become soft during travel...having a perforated cover might have helped. I drank 2 of the peach type juices and went off to pray. Now for the main course...The lahori fish 🐟 was nice and still moist, but a tad spicy 🌶. I should have asked for mild spices on the meal, and would suggest you do the same if you can't handle the heat 🔥. The shammi kebab, which is meat that is finely minced with lentil, was really silky soft and very flavourful - my mom really enjoyed them. One of the highlights for me though was the seekh kebab which was soft, moist, slightly fatty and really tasty (ate those with naan). The chicken handi was spiced very well and i really enjoyed dipping my soft naan into the masala. My mom and I then sampled a small bit of biryani cos I was already getting the Ramadan pregnancy bloat!! The rice was cooked well and the masalas were spot on. To end I ate some gulab jamuns (without ice cream!). They were warm, soft, sickly sweet and swimming in the sweet sugary solutions...nice, very nice. A suggestion for Parivaar could be to provide a naan basket. I have had the garlic and butter naan before and they are fantastic. Now i ordered for 4 so there was plenty of food left over. Overall the food was great. It was still hot when it arrived. It arrived on time 10 mins before the opening of the fast and satisfied my meat craving. The ambience was to die for...I mean what can be better than sitting on a comfy sofa in your PJs in front of the telly!!

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