Panda Bao Bao

Airport Road.

FAMOUS CHINESE DIMSUM - AIRPORT ROAD (Bldg between Corniche Bakeries and ADNOC)

A brand new Chinese resto! Woot! Who doesn’t love dim sums and noodles anyways? It’s a little foodie heaven that by just opening the glass doors the waft of those Chinese soy sauce, chili and the steam coming from the kitchen welcomes me much louder than the Chinese guy who actually welcomed me. ☺️ It was half-full when I came - they have five tables, can possibly hold 15 hungry people comfortably. The menu is handed down (can I have this sir? Sorry madam we are still updating it and that’s our only copy ☺️) and I am so happy to see such comfort food in front of me. The menu also comes with pictures which helps a lot-lot. I opted for the Pan Fried Bao of chicken and shrimp which is a good serving of 6 pretty little buns. The buns are tightly packed dough steamed to perfection, filled with a choice of chicken and shrimp, beef or vegetables then pan-fried to give that golden colour. Its yum! Plus, I had to try the spicy Chong Qing noodle which is spicy! The noodles are well-cooked and sitting in a broth full of chili seeds, bits of ground beef, greens and sesame seeds. It is a sure fire punch for us spicy food lovers. They are kind enough though to ask me how spicy you want it to be.

I had a takeaway experience at this time (because you know, the laundry awaits 🙄😜), and their packaging is fantastic. I will come back, for sure, to go through the whole menu.

Enjoy and see you there! ❤️

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