Al Zahiyah.

If you got Turkish food on your mind this weekend, read on.

So we have these amazing memories of our holiday in Bodrum, Turkey and of course the Turkish food was the highlight of the days spent in the beautiful city of Bodrum.

Driving by to Abu Dhabi mall happened to look across and spotted the name of the Turkish restaurant we were frequenting whilst in Bodrum - Otantik.

Damn, could it be a branch of the same restaurant? well atleast we got lunch sorted! With excitement and hope of gastronomic indulgence, we stuttered across the street.

The restaurant has two sections, one serving sheesha whilst the other is a non smoking section.

Right, let's get to the real stuff. We ordered hummus, lahmacum and Adana kebabs. The bread was freshly baked, served with a very interesting garlic butter dip and olives. The lahmacum was thin, amazingly crispy and great flavour. The star was the Adana kebabs. Really tender and fantastic flavour. Served with sides of burghol and grilled pepper. Check out the pictures.

Not much of a crowd inside because of parking issues with construction around the area, best bet would be to park at the mall and walk across. Service was great. The manager confirms this was a branch of the Turkish restaurant, got chatting with him and he very generously served us some great tasting baklava, Turkish tea with 🍪.

Would love to go back as the food was good quality and great taste and almost as good as what we enjoyed in Turkey. Service was good too.

Recommended for Otantikally delicious food

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