Ortego's Deli

Al Markaziya.

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My kids and I were famished, and after a long day’s work, I no longer had the energy to cook, so off we went to Ortegos which is conveniently located within a 3 minute walk from home...

We searched for foods that would truly satisfy our hunger where prices would be close to each other. The knowledgeable Ate suggested we order the chicken tower and grilled beef ribs, the tower came with unlimited rice so, wow, no more added sides to consider. We wanted a soup-based dish too so we looked at their other offers, another wow as with only 12aed, we got to sample the Bula-lomi (beef based, with thick noodles).

Orders came in a jiffy, the beef ribs got devoured fast by my 2 giants, this dish is our all time fave, tasty and tender...the tower was only till 2nd Floor when I got the chance to take a pic, it actually consisted of 4 chicken quarters cooked to perfection. I have been to Ortegos a lot of times in the past and it was my first time to try their tower and I must say it was so good! The noodles, I didn’t have any space left to finish it, but with a little squish of lemon, it was also very delish! With unli rice included, and a pitcher of iced tea at 15aed (not the brewed-type though but it can do), 3 people got fed to the fullest and I sure saved a lot!

With their other offers, will be back soon.❤️😉

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