Nata Lisboa

Julia Oweida

Back from a long deep hibernation “experience” called becoming a mom. Babies don’t joke around folks. 🥺 Let’s play a game - Simon Says Put Something Yummy in your Tummy. I found something yummy called Pastel De Nata from this tiny cafe at the WTC Souk Entrance. I was walking past this place one or two weeks back as I was leaving From a quick manicure to get a taxi. For some reason, I just stopped in my tracks & took a long whiff trying to find the source of a scent which appealed to my hungry self. I couldn’t tell what exactly it was that My nose had caught, but I decided to walk into this shop. As I looked around, I caught sight of those pastries and I also remembered my husband saying he had had those lovely things in Portugal almost every day. I decided to try on and wAs not dissapointed. It’s sweet but light and just right for a sweet craving to not make you feel full of guilty. I liked it enough to make me crave it and want to go again yesterday to have some more. I also tried the ones I boutik mall after I tried my first purchase. Although, the one in boutik is tasty too, this one from Nata Lisboa is much better (3 vs 4.5). I don’t know about their others items but the Nata De Pastel is a must try for people who like European style desserts, sweets, and pastries.

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