Najd Palace

Ministries Area, Khalifa Park.

✨✨✨✨✨No fuss food at its finest

I know it doesn't look like much, but stay with me, there's a back story. Way back in the day, when Best Bites was still a teeny tiny group with like 100 members, a delicious review from Mj Uy Lamin made me pick up the phone, and in my best beginner's Arabic, attempt to order what I believed to be the pinnacle of Arab food, from Yemeni restaurant Najd Palace. If I was ordering a lahem Mandi for tea, then surely I had 'arrived'? Unfortunately I had to put the phone down quickly when they asked where I wanted my whole sheep delivered 🐑. Communication fail.

Fast forward a few months, and I'd like to say my Arabic has improved to the extent where I could confidently make the call, but sadly not. I got the husband to phone instead so I could blame him if it all went wrong, while I mouthed 'Mandi' at him, pointing at an online menu. 'Emma, he's asking if you want Mandi, or q@*#$at (difficult Arabic word, mangled by husband's pronounciation) rice'. Mandi. I know that word. Mandi please! Finally, I get Mandi! The food gods were smiling on me.

And what a Mandi it was. Indescribably tender lamb, which fell off the bone, and rice so full of the flavour of the meat it was a sheer joy to scoop up mouthfuls of it with pieces of hot mulawah bread. Along with yoghurt and tomato sides, this one dish (70dhs) fed 2 adults and 2 children easily. Just a note on the bread - Mulawah bread is similar to an Indian paratha, maybe a little less oily. However it differs in the sense that unlike a paratha, it's the size of a small car. Don't do what I did and order 1 per person, because your bread will arrive in a SACK and you will NEVER EAT IT ALL.

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