Dalma Mall.

So my fiance and I decided to go for dinner at dalma mall. We decided on Milas which is an arabic/Italian resteraunt. We were welcomed at the resteraunt and were given some ipads to choose our dinner. After perusing the menu we selected a few started and appetisers. The staff were more than helpful at recommending a few specials.

Our food arrived very promptly. We were then asked when we would like our main meals to be fired. I loved this as it gave us time to actually enjoy our starters.

After we had finished our meal we were offered take away, given a moist toilet and given some tooth picks and the bill.

The next bit was a bit bizarre but also very nice. We were then given a small selection of perfumes and ouds to spray. They all smelled amazing.

We then paid the bill in cash. I left a tip inside of the little receipt folder. The waitress then said that they don't accept tips from customers as we are paying enough. The management and owners of the resteraunt tip them at the end of each evening.

Overall we had a lovely evening and will most definitely return.

I hope the photos do it justice!

#reviews #salarysaver #Maroush

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