Marks and Spencer

Yas Mall.

Since the scones post a couple of days ago, I’ve had scone on my brains....

Since i already pigged out at the amazing Loca brunch yesterday, i thought id continue my unhealthy weekend bender and continued on my mission of trying to expand my waistline to the max in the shortest period of time....

I came to Yas mall - marks and spencer.

15dhs for 2 scones, butter, jam and cream. I have no idea if its up to her majesty's standard, but it didn't have raisins in, so for me the battle was won.

It was delicious!!! Safe to say i succeeded in my mission. What sin shall i have for dinner? Itzza pizza??...

Wait, i digress. So whilst stuffing my face in a very sexy ladylike manner(men like jam streaks and crumbs on your cheek right?), i thought id tackle the which comes first debate.... jam or cream? To be honest, i didnt know there were different ways of eating a scone. I thought whatever technique gets the scone in your mouth faster is the way to go. I took one halve, buttered the bad boy up, then carefully added the toppings... apart from one halve that looks like a child did it haphazardly, and the other one quite dainty... i didnt taste any difference... so i think we should rather stick to problems that really matter... like what should i stuff my face with next???

#reviews #marksandspencer

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