Market at Edition

Ulrika Maria Victoria

Market at Edition

Organic, Asian infused Restaurant and Cafe with a lill hipster touch to it all... Much Japanese and Korean inspired healthy dishes on their menu. Interesting choices indeed with lots of Salad options and Poke bowls. (Vegan dishes and desserts, plus gluten free options too).

We headed down by lunch time so didn’t get to see their breakfast menu... but sure coming back for it, heard it’s really good and I don’t have any doubts about it. Their fresh bakery and cakes looked very tempting. Unfortunately non of us had much space left after food to give it a go.

We enjoyed our time there at their little terrace as weather is so nice this days, enjoying the afternoon breeze (Pretty tight out there I must say so if coming in a large group, more then 2-3 I would prob recommend to reserve a table a head). Never the less their interior it’s pretty cool though, but I will leave that for summer time.

Awesome mix of international welcoming and very happy stuff rooming around, with a very cool vibe. (All very helpful and kind, just a little unaware of their menu products yet...) But the efforts of trying their best made sure up for it....

And last but not least the FOOD was fantastic! One can sure feel the nice quality of it. Definitely fresh and good!! Made with “love”. I went for the vegetarian burger that was with no doubts the best I ever had in town. Thumbs up!!! Even Mr Meat Lover here enjoyed it, and that’s not any usual, trust me! He ended up having half of it as I couldn’t finish it, it’s very filling guess because of the chickpeas. He on the other side ordered the Korean meat skewers Bulgogi, and my oh my!!! That meat was tender!!! Cooked to perfection and full of flavor 👌🏽. Sure recommended!

All in all a great experience, sure going back for that burger and the skewers!!! But next time I wanna give their breakfast a go.

PS: They do serve grapes and hops too... hops are all crafted by the way which for some might be a plus and others a down... depending on how adventurous one is. As nothing of the usual is on the menu to give u a safe card.

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