Marco Pierre White Saturday Roast

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Al Maqta.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 I had a hankering for Bone Marrow and was sent here! So here we go!

We walked in to this really lovely little steakhouse and were blown away by the friendly knowledgeable staff. To be honest I'm used to having terrible customer service around AD, but this was a pleasant surprise 👏🏼

We were given the most amazing bread with 2 different and scrumptious butters. The orange looking one I believe the lady said war from chile.

We then were given tiny burgers courtesy of the chef. TINY BURGERS!! So tasty, thanks Chef!

We ordered 3 starters between my husband and I. Bone Marrow Prawn Cocktail Foie Gras

I'd been looking forward to the bone marrow but I was a bit disappointed, they had some sort of bread crumb sprinkled and cooked over the marrow.. It really took away from the dish. It was tasty, don't get me wrong, but If they removed the crumb and let the marrow be the hero of the dish then it would of been perfect! (Please do give suggestions on other places for a great bone marrow??)

Prawn cocktail was lovely, the prawns were fresh and the sauce was tangy.

Foi Gras was INSANELY GOOD! They'd cooked it to perfection! I'm salivating now thinking of it!

Andre, my husband had venison chops. I had Miso cod. Andre loved his! He got 3/4 through and I asked if he liked his venison. "It's good lamb" he says.. "Good venison you mean" I added.

Somehow he thought venison was lamb.. and I had to tell him he was eating Bambi for him to understand what was going on 😂

My cod was incredible. It was exactly the same as the Nobu black miso cod. I think better because it also came with asian vegetables. Cooked to perfection!

Unfortunately the drinks menu is very limited. They had a really small selection of wines, I wanted a sweet white which they couldn't do. The cocktail menu was also limited and they saw I was struggling with choosing something so the mixologist came over (without me asking which was lovely) and he suggested a sweet cocktails off menu. Such great customer service!

It's a steakhouse and keeps to that, but it has an upmarket feel. We loved it and will certainly be back!

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