Majlis Alfreej

Embassies District.

My little hidden gems group decided it was high time we tried some Emirati fusion cuisine this week. We visited the restaurant Majlis Alfreej which is located on the ground floor of the Darwish Tower behind the Technip Building on Muroor Road. The cosy interior was very inviting and we were instantly greeted by their friendly staff.

The starters came promptly and let's just say this quaint restaurant had me at the word 'hummus' which was served with soft, warm, chewy and delectable flat bread. I knew I'd definitely be coming back for this alone!!!

The stand out dish was the Salatat Falafal which was a falafel salad tossed with lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomato and drizzled with a herbed yogurt dressing. We also ordered the F'reed Diyay (a delicious chicken and vegetable stew with layers of Rgaag bread) the Tahta Diyay (spiced chicken cooked under a layer of rice) and the Semach Mgalla (fried Hammour fish with rice) All of which was inhaled....And as I vaguely recall I believe I said 'Can't talk...eating!' to the attentive wait staff who asked how we were going😂

We shared a large pot of hot karak tea which was described perfectly by one of my partners in crime as a 'Hug in a mug!' So very true!!!!!!! Such a comforting drink on what was a cold windy day in the desert!! The 5 of us left Majlis Alfareej with happy tummies and a delivery menu each!!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for this sumptuous Emirati feast and the 20% Best Bites discount made it all the more delicious!!!

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