Majlis Al Fareej

Danat Area - Darwish Tower.

Today I hit the panic button at Best Bites Towers, after discovering my favourite sushi resto was closed 🍣❌. As any good Bestie would do in an emergency situation 🚨 I checked the Offers list and headed to the next closest place doing a BB discount ☺️

Majlis Alfareej is an Emirati restaurant in a fairly average building but with a cosy and welcoming inside. Whoever designed their interior has managed to strike the perfect balance between making it sufficiently Araby for its local guests to feel at home, but sufficiently Westernish for the kind of people who have no clue how to sit on floor cushions to eat 😅 There's a lovely gallery with majlis style seating but as sofas (see what I mean?) and really beautiful murals around the walls.

The staff were really friendly and helpful. After offering us free wifi and extra cushions, they handed me an iPad menu with photos of every item. When I wrestled this from the children, who were flicking through the photos at warp speed, I asked the waitress to show me what an Emirati would choose. She was very happy to oblige 😊 at this point I discovered that the entire menu has only been designed by the most famous female Emirati chef there is, Khulood Atiq. Suitably impressed with these credentials!

So we started with the Salatat Majestic, an explosion of colour and fruity flavours of rocket, strawberry and pomegranate with a pomegranate balsamic dressing. (I am so going to copy this at home).

Next we had machboos lahem - a melt in the mouth slow-cooked lamb dish with lentils and saffron spiced rice. The meat literally fell off the bone in a cloud of scented steam, and while we were devouring this, the kids were attacking a beautiful tender chicken grill served with rice studded with pistachios and raisins and a beautiful cucumber raita.

Although we were kind of full by now we pretended we weren't so that I could order a massive bowl of freshly cooked logaimat and, AND, FRIED ICE CREAM BALLS which were wrapped in knafeh dough before being drizzled with date syrup 😅

We finished with karak and an espresso for me, claimed our 20% BB discount, and headed for home, happy and full, and looking forward to going back again. Total bill including drinks and food after discount 230AED.

So if you're already an Emirati food fan please go, I think you'll like it - and if you've never tried Emirati food then don't be apprehensive, as it's a fabulous place to have your first experience.

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