Ghazal Golf Club.

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After a finishing a round of golf at Al Ghazal I stumbled across this "random" Korean Restaurant in the middle of nowhere called Madang.

Anyway, greeted in the Foyer and sat down at my table. There were plenty of Koreans in there which is a good sign. There are a few seating options which includes traditional kneeling table or standard tables for you non-yoga types like myself.

The menu is huge and definitely has a lot of options catering for the both individuals and groups. Within minutes a series of condiments were in front of me and my chop sticks were out sampling everything. The food was tasty, fresh and surprisingly spicy. The condiments are free and topped up if needed. -Fermented squid -Der raddiskimchi -Kimchi -Red beans -Zucchini with shrimp -Battered squid rings The problem was that I ate 2 rounds of this and when it came to eat my mains I was already half way there. So be sure to take that into consideration next time.

The menu is extensive and sometimes you can get lost in it .Some of the meat dishes were a bit pricy, but overall it was ok. The last page of the menu has a recommended menu for all you Korean newbies. My "Dolsot Bibimbap", a mixed hot rice bowl served with an array of fresh ingredients was great comfort food, whilst I struggled to finish my "Kim bab" aka sushi. I didn't have room for the strange desert menu but will try next time. Alcohol is served

Loved it and I'll be back (great hang-over food)

Just a small warning, those K-Pop videos can be strangely addictive🕺🏾

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