Little Mexico

Saadiyat Beach Residences, Saadiyat Island.


Having lived most my life on the Mexican border (and having a Mexican grandmother who is an amazing cook), I'm forever on the search for good Mexican food here. Tonight we had the opportunity to try Little Mexico.

We tried the quesadillas, chicken flautas, fish tacos, torta classica, sopapillas, & churros. My son was happy with the quesadillas. The flautas were listed under "to share"; in a Mexican restaurant back home, this would mean 10-20 flautas. Here, we were served three (I wasn't quick enough for the photo & two had already been grabbed!). These were actually probably the best dish, but my husband says mine are better . I think they'd make a better main, if served with rice & beans. The salsa served with the flautas & quesadillas was unimpressive, basically tomato sauce...still longing for a tasty salsa with some bite!

Husband had the fish tacos, said they were soggy and the swordfish was overpowering. I had the "torta classica", which is by no means a classic torta, in my experience. A French (!) baguette with seasoned shredded chicken, some chopped jalapeรฑo, and a few tomatoes. It actually comes with sour cream, but I asked for it without because that's a crime in itself. It was filling, not bad exactly, but pretty tasteless.

On to dessert! The sopapillas were a little more dense than I'm used to, but still tasty and were actually served with honey, so that was a plus (comes with two pieces, but again wasn't quick enough for the photo). The churros were fresh, warm, and tasty, but I wish they were served with caramel instead of chocolate, which is more common where I'm from.

Total bill (with a large water) was 166, so overall, a pretty good value. The atmosphere on the patio is really nice, but the chairs aren't the most comfortable after a while. The service was excellent; very friendly & attentive. We'd go back for dessert if we were in the area, but that's probably it. The search for tasty authentic Mexican food continues!

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