Li Jiang, Ritz Carlton

Li Jiang, Ritz Carlton

Late Night Street Food Brunch Saturdays from 5pm Highlights: Duck pancakes, maki rolls, cocktails, barbequed meats Street food is here in a big way. Maybe its all those Netflix food shows I’ve been watching 😅 but I can’t help but feel it’s influence everywhere! Li Jiang has hopped on to this trend with their Saturday night brunch. This brunch is buffet style and includes a live band, featuring a sax player, keyboardist, and vocalist who fit perfectly with the setting. It’s a relaxed brunch, lasting 3 hours from when you arrive. If you sit on the terrace you can enjoy watching the sunset behind the grand mosque. Now onto the food! This brunch focuses on street foods of Southeast Asia and I love that it’s an open kitchen, you get to see the chefs in action. The sushi selection was modest with a thoughtful selection of nigiri, maki, and sashimi. Most maki rolls were drizzled in sauces, my favourite! The chilled salads were all portioned in individual dishes. I liked this touch, as it ensured you tasted each dish will all intended flavours. The octopus salad with chili packed some heat and the octopus was nice and tender. The chilled chicken salad was tasty as was the sesame covered tuna tataki with seaweed and edamame. For the street food inspired mains, there was plenty to choose from. Duck pancakes (yumm!!!), chicken and lamb satay, dim sum, black pepper beef, gong bao chicken, fish ball skewers, 3 different curries, noodles, rice, laksa soup made to order, and an array of marinated meat and seafood ready for the grill. The beef short ribs were a real winner. They were so tender, medium on the inside but still had those special crispy charred edges. The dessert section had a very cool ‘matcha green’ chocolate fountain. It was a mix of Asian and traditional desserts. Bubble tea, opera cake, decadent chocolate tarts and egg tarts, just to name a few. The service was excellent. I ran into a friend who happened to be dining there as well. His mother was visiting from the UK and she is coeliac. The chef took her around and showed her exactly what she could eat from the already prepared foods and also offered to make her versions of the other dishes that would be safe for her to eat. She loved it and thought they went the extra mile for her. Cocktails were interesting takes on classics with an Asian spin. I particularly liked the Tokyo Sour, made with grapefruit, which made for a nice contrast with a lot of the sweet saucy foods. #featuredreview #bbapproved

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