Lazeez Iftar

Al Markaziya.

The name of the restaurant itself speaks about the food. Lazeez meaning v tasty. We usually go here for iftar buffet. And it is blissful. It is a delicacy for your growling stomach. Their arrangement of food, seating arrangement, the variety in the dishes, the staff's hospitality and the ambience everything is up to the mark. There was russian salad, fattoush salad and pasta salad. Salads being my favorite i relished it. They had variety of starters in non veg and as well as in veg. In main course Rogan gosht( mutton dish) was luscious. They also had three more gravy items. Prawns gravy was also delicious. They had a twist in this pasta recipe known as pasta pulav in which the pasta had the spices of biryani again it was mouth watering. They had watermelon juice which was again too good. Last but not the least in desserts they had carrot halwa and phirni (made out of milk) which was dainty. Even though we were full we couldn't stop ourselves from having one whole phirni bowl each. The food not only touched my taste buds but my heart too. Also they served unlimited packaged drinking water which many restaurants dont. Cost per head - 88 dhm

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