La Patisserie des Reves

Tyrano, Yas Mall.

A hidden gem in Yas Mall.

La Patisserie des Reves, all I can say is wow. In a city where desserts often look the part and yet always seem to fail on flavour delivery, I approached this hidden delight at the back of Tyrano, upstairs in Yas mall, with caution (I have bitten in to too many false promises!)

Firstly the decor is colourful and stylish with a hint of a child's candy shop. My wife and I were greeted by a very well presented waiter who took no time at all in finding us a quiet corner to aid in keeping our sleeping newborn undisturbed.

After a few minutes the menu was presented by our waiter. We decided to skip the main courses and go directly for a Tea, latte, a chocolate eclair and a Le Grand cru vanille. The waiter informed my wife that her choice of the Eclair was a good selection as it was his own favourite.

Once it was delivered the presentation was impeccable, unfortunately my photo doesn't do it justice, I'm new to this and will take plenty a photo once I lose the nerves of photographing my food!

Chocolate eclair- This was presented beautifully and not in the traditional manner, the whole choux pastry was encased in a tube of well tempered, glossy chocolate, the cream inside was a taste sensation, with a surprising crunchy texture from the surrounding chocolate.

Le Grand Cru Vanille- Presented neatly, it's my first time trying this treat so didn't know what to expect. The outside mouse was light and had a lovely texture with I think a hint of white chocolate, the biscuit/cake base was a nice touch adding much needed texture.

At the end of our experience, a member of staff introduced himself and asked about our experience.

All in all not what I was expecting, it was a real nice treat after a trip around the mall, the best dessert I have tasted in Abu Dhabi by a mile and we will definitely be back! Very friendly staff, looking forward to our next trip!

Food 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

Ambience 👍👍👍👍

Cost overall very reasonable: Tea, latte and the 2 desserts came to 103AED

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