La Cuisine De Manou

Nuno Alves

The Carrot Cake Chronicles.

There I was at the passport queue with my one-way ticket out of the UAE, eating my worms, when I get a call from an unknown number. Geez, I must have won some lottery, can’t they leave me alone even in my time of despair?

Alas, I don’t know why I did, but in a moment of rare weakness I answered, and the voice on the other side said he wanted my address because I was getting a surprise delivery... say what???!?

Thoughts of my bank account being drained by some scam going through my mind, I was about to end the call when the guy pleaded - ok, it’s a delivery from Manou Magnin, Carrot Cake! For free!!!!!!

Manou, thank you so much! My family and I are absolutely astounded and in disbelief - what an incredible gesture. Seriously, wow!

So not only has Manou delivered a Carrot Cake, she has also seen fit to wholeheartedly destroy my diet by adding a bag of choc-chip cookies, as well as quiches! Really??!? Yum!

There are some people that just are on another level and we are lucky to know them. Thank you Manou.

The verdict on the Carrot Cake - 10 out of 10. Delicious! The cream-cheese frosting is el-yummo and the cake itself is just right in spiciness, sweetness and crunch. We shall lobby Starbucks to source from Manou.

I’ve decided to stick around a little longer.

Check the pics!

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