Al Forsan.

Had the most amazing meal on Christmas Eve at Kishi, Al forsan. It surpassed all expectations. Especially as we got a four course meal via groupon for the bargain price of 89dhs per person.

To start- The sushi platter was so fresh, and so well presented. Seemed such a shame to eat it. 6 pieces of assorted sushi, seaweed salad and the lightest, crispy bang bang calamari was amazing.

Then came the most amazing, soup I’ve ever had. Think it is called Laxsa ( not sure) Full of noodles, hot, sweet, creamy and sour all in one mouthful... and topped with king prawns. I’d definitely go back just for a bowl of this 🍜🍜🍜

Some slight confusion with the main course.. I thought I needed to choose from, beef, chicken salmon or king prawns! But no, you got all of them 🙀 I couldn’t believe my eyes.. absolutely everything on the plate was cooked to perfection including the selection of vegetables that accompanied the protein. Along with rice and a selection of dipping sauces to compliment all the flavors. After the ample portions of the sushi and soup, I was struggling to work my way through this dish. Although I made sure I tried absolutely everything on my plate. All of it was cooked to perfection, and the beef was the best I’ve ever had in Abu Dhabi.

Lastly we were bought a beautiful desert of deep fried ice cream, crisp and cool. Served on a crepe with fresh berries. By the time this dish of heaven arrived I was about to burst ., so only managed a taste. And totally forgot the pic.

I will 100% will be returning here. The service I couldn’t fault, It’s clean , modern with a reasonable priced menu. So glad I bought that groupon. Without it I would never of found this place

Only downside is they could do with more appropriate music, as I think it was a radio station being played.

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