Mushrif Mall.


We tried out the newly opened Korean chicken place today. Having lived in Korea, this place brings back some good memories! You order at the counter, pay, and they bring the food to the table. There's also K-pop playing!

We ordered the Value Meal for 2, which at 75 dhs comes with 2 fried rice, fried chicken, 2 drinks and 2 sides. The portions were good, we (2 adults, 1 toddler) even had leftovers to bring home. The kimchi fried rice and pineapple rice were good but the Korean style double fried chicken were AMAZING! We had half spicy and half non-spicy. Both were really really flavorful and crispy. We had mandoos (fried dumplings) and kimchi coleslaw as sides. The kimchi tastes authentic and not too sour which is the way i like. The kimchi coleslaw was interesting, in a yummy way!

They have ttokbokki which I really wanted to try but don't have any tummy room left. Next time! Here's their menu for reference. They also have bubble tea but not available today as it's only a soft opening. Love this place and definitely coming back to try the rest of the menu! Finally Korean food that is very reasonably priced!

Drinks were white, red or beer. There are also some yummy mocktails on offer including the fab pomegranate iced tea in this pic. Look out for the sparkling water magnums they have too...watching the waitress pour from a fresh bottle was very entertaining

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