KITFO Khalidiya 👏👏👏👏👏

We’ve been trying to explore beyond the malls and luxury hotels the last few weeks, and today we tried Kitfo, a small and unpretentious Ethiopian restaurant in Khalidiya quite close to the mall. We ordered their special minced beef dish, kitfo (which is normally served raw, but they offered to cook it for us wussy Westerners 😅) and some spicy sizzling beef - my daughter’s favourite dish. There was also a chickpea dish, some potatoes, beans, and we weren’t sure what the two brown heaps were either side of the beans, but they were super tasty.

This was all served on a giiiiant dish of gluten-free injeras bread made from teff (pancakey texture, slightly sour taste like sourdough bread) - you pull off bits of bread and scoop up the food with your hands. Of course the kids thought this part was brilliant fun!

It was delicious, cheap (the whole lot came to around 130AED including water) and very filling. The restaurant itself was spotlessly clean inside, and the staff were very friendly and were happy to talk us through the menu.

On the way back to the car we stopped at the ‘hole in the wall’ bakery in the row of shops opposite and picked up some bread, almost too hot to handle. Despite being full, we just couldn’t resist the fresh-baked bread smell, and ripped off red-hot chunks to stuff our faces with in the car 🤣

I think today counts as a great food day

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