Khayal Brunch

Marriot Al Forsan.

Oasis: a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found. In geography, an oasis is an isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a water source, such as a pond or small lake.

Friday morning. A lovely friend of us realised she had got a 2X1 voucher for the brand new brunch Marriot Al Forsan was launching that day. We were invited to join them. A deal not to be missed. Not because of the nice offer but the amazing friends. One of my favourites ancient Greek philosopher is always right: "We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.”

Heading to KCA, the well known neighbourhood where you can find some of the most reputable schools in AD... ready for such a find.

SMILING. It always makes me smile to discover an Oasis in an unexpected place. I assume that talking about a huge building as an oasis sounds very weird but I believe that your imaginary oasis is anything that makes your heart sing and time flies. That was my feeling there.

World, please, stop.

Warm and welcoming staff that went above and beyond to make our family feel comfortable and enjoy our stay to the max! Like mentioned, The World stopped at the very moment we got in facing that amazing lush cheese station. Clearly, it is not there by random. This little piece of heaven is there to say "welcome to one of the nicest venues in town". But. But I couldn't heard that welcome. I just heard people wowing. "Wow" over here. "Wow" over there. "Look at this", "not, come here". "Click". "Click". Clicks everywhere. Everyone taking pics all around. Chefs turned into rock and roll stars.

FOOD: Extraordinary presentation. Everything looked so fresh and appealing. Sushi was the best one I have ever had in a brunch. Indian station full of options, all the colours, all the aromas were there. Outrageous cold cut meats. Spectacular smoked area where you can have your smoked salmon, meat or a Bavarian sausage style with more than 12 different kinds of mustard to choose from. My highlights: indescribable grilled lobster tails, to die for fois gras micuit and the amazing mozzarella/burratta live station. Truly beyond imagination. The guy at the mocktail station was always smiling and very attentive too.

ATMOSPHERE: it was almost full but we never felt crowded. Venue is spectacular, high ceilings and a huge glass wall facing the swimming pool. Lovely live music played by a talented duo.

KIDS: planning a family fun day? this is your place. Bouncy castle, kids activities and lots of room to run all around.

Price: 200 basic package. Nothing beats this value per money. Ommm, wait, there is more. We used the 2X1 voucher. More? More. We all got new 2x1 vouchers for every rest at the hotel, brunch included, again. More? More. At the end, we all got a paper bag with some fresh made bread to get home.

KCA has its own oasis.

But OASES have always been linked to imaginations, fantasy or even further, hallucinations. So, who knows if everything I have related here is just a mental picture emerging from my imagination???

I'll get back and I'll tell you 😉

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