Keki Japanese Bakery

Al Bateen Park.

After a long work day, we planned to sit by someplace cozy and have something fluffy to unwind. We’ve been planning to check Keki out for weeks and felt it was the best time, so we crossed our fingers that it won’t be full last night and headed straight away.. Indeed it wasn’t, 2 tables inside were available and we gladly sat in the nook then chose our lattes and snacks by the counter. We chose 2 cheesecakes in original flavor, 1 all cheese pizza to share, and 1 strawberry mochie to try.. The rolls, croissants and other sweets were so tempting... but we knew they’re for another trip back😅

The cheesecake was fluffy, I had tried better ones in my country but this would do, (I have not found a better one to compare it to here in AD)..

Our pizza was so tasty and cheesy and lived up to its name for a few minutes-it got devoured in between stories and laughters☺️The cheese was sitting on practically a thick slice of loaf bread, what made it not so ordinary is the milky, tinge of sweetness that kind of balanced and contrasted with the sauce and cheese, 1 slice cut into 4 got the 2 of us full( plus the fact that our orders were mostly cheese-laiden😂,not their fault though).

The servings of our orders were just right, my latte (iced Keki latte) was on the too sweet side, but the pizza balanced it. My friend’s Iced Macha latte was according to her, creamy and hmmm... grassy, yes, yes, Macha you’ll say🤓good thing is, it’s not on the bitter side as what she remembers similar orders to be from other shops😂-she liked it.

The strawberry mochie was good too-the kind and taste that would make you want to have more. We did, but there was no more space left after we finished and enjoyed our orders. Zomato said closing time was 11pm. Glad they extended as we didn’t notice how time flew by so fast- past 11 we left♥️

Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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