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JW Steakhouse, Marriott Downtown The One About the Autumn Menu ... and the return of the 2 still, 2 sparkling gang! Perfect for: date night or dinner with friends - leave the kids at home! Usually when we go out to eat as a team, there's a lot of hemming and hawing about what we should order, who likes what, who's looking to shift a little holiday weight ... the list goes on. But the new Autumn menu at JW Steakhouse meant we could kick back and let Chef Bastien take the reigns ... and, blissfully, it gave each of us a little something we could hold close to our hearts. We started with Nat's favourite, the glorious shallot tarte tatin. The parmesan basket held a glorious marmalade-esque mixture of caramelised scallions and was topped off with blue cheese foam. 'Oooh la laaaaaaa', she cried! The scallops with truffle parsnip were truly beautiful - they were perfectly cooked and the dinky parsnip chips added some great texture to the dish. But it was the Welsh rack of lamb that was far and away the hero of the evening for all of us. Chef Bastien absolutely excels at cooking and flavouring meat and this was no exception. As I look at the photos again, I realised what a a triumph this was. The palate cleanser was probably the biggest surprise. I'm not going to pretend we weren't a bit sceptical, but one mouthful of the smooth carrot and coconut sorbet and we were sold. We definitely needed another round! We finished with a grape-based dessert - the colours screamed 'autumn' and was a nice light way to finish the meal. As set menus go, there was something to love for all of us. For food only, it's AED295. JW has a great sommelier, who is always keen to get involved and if you'd like to pair wine, it's AED430. Now, for the real question: which of us likes the still water, and which of us likes the sparkling?

To book, call 02 304 7777 #featuredreview #invited

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