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Emma Easter

JW MARRIOTT STEAKHOUSE Marriott Downtown Whose Wine Is It Anyway? 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

What a fabulous evening we had at the ‘Whose Wine is it Anyway?’ event! We enjoyed a delicious 5-course meal which included a crispy oyster amuse-bouche, scallops with feta cheese (taste sensation!), pumpkin soup with crispy sage, a delicious chocolate hazelnut cake and the star of the show, a flavour-packed, soft-as-butter tenderloin.

Each course was accompanied by a paired wine, and 3 wine experts took it in turns to ‘bluff’ us over the origins of the wines.

A couple of the courses were no longer up to temperature by the time they reached the table, but otherwise service was extremely good.

I’d like to thank Chef Bastien and the kitchen team, Flore the restaurant manager, and the 3 wine experts Ben, Hilary and Mike for a hugely enjoyable evening.

Bearing in mind that this was a full restaurant packed with wine lovers, I did think the wine company (it might have been Spinneys, but I don’t think we were actually told this) missed a few opportunities to promote their products - we never saw the bottles as they were wrapped in a napkin, and weren’t given any info in writing on what we’d drunk, which might’ve been useful in case we’d wanted to stop by later and buy anything we’d particularly enjoyed.

And whilst the winners got prizes, it might have been a good idea to give everyone a discount voucher to encourage them to visit the outlet to stock up on their faves ☺️

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening start to finish, and our 20% Best Bites discount at the end made it amazing value. We’d definitely be up for it if they do this again 🙂

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