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Jumeirah Saadiyat launched their brunch yesterday and oh-my-gosh! A brunch truely for everybody. What an amazing experience!

Sitting outside on the terrace looking out to the beautiful blue skies and white beach, it feels like you’re in a different country. As the first brunch, they chose Rio v Venice Carnival theme. Jumeirah Saadiyat goes all out when it comes to themed events and this was no different - masks, hats, horns on the table for the guests to enjoy and even Brazilian carnival dancers.

There’s so much attention to detail: creative designs and stunning displays, the food at this brunch is just amazing. Everything you could want - pasta stations, sushi stations, seafood, pecking duck station, grills, the list goes on! The pecking duck pancake was delicious, as was the coconut shrimp curry and the Thai red curry. The taco station was tasty too - there was salmon, tuna or shrimp options and the salmon was tasty and the perfect size for brunch. None of the food felt like an afterthought - even the potato salad was beautifully assembled with crispy potatoes on top.

Don’t forget to save space for the desserts! The displays were absolutely stunning - a chocolate garden filled with truffles, large chocolate slabs, peanut butter and lime popsicles, cinnamon donut balls, ice cream and more.

If you have children, this brunch is a must. There’s a bouncy castle plus a supervised, separate kids area which has games and activities as well as an entertainer who does sing and dance along with the kids which looked like so much fun, I almost joined 😅 The kids food selection also looked yummy - mac n cheese, fries, nuggets etc as well as soft serve ice cream and churros made fresh which were amazing! 🍦

Dressed in costumes to the theme, the staff were awesome - they really got involved with the guests and enjoyed themselves, dancing, laughing, taking pictures. They really looked as though they were enjoying themselves but were also attentive and efficient. It’s refreshing to see such a nice work environment. We also got to meet one our lovely BB members and her family - we love meeting you guys!

The next theme for March 15th has yet to be announced but check back on Best Bites to find out. Hopefully we’ll see you there and you can tell us whether you think this brunch takes the top spot on your brunch list!


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