Jones the Grocer

Al Raha Gardens.

Mixed review of our visit to Jones the Grocer at Al Raha Gardens today.

Battered fish and chips, three cheese and fig jam sandwich (not pictured) and Kids Wagyu burger were all excellent. Paleo burger from the specials menu came with 5 (count them!) flaccid sweet potato fries and nothing else; I didn't feel - at 75 AED - that it offered good value at all, particularly when compared to the kids burger sitting next to me! It looked as though the dish was unfinished... I nicked the salad pictured in the photo from my son as it was severely lacking!

We waited and waited to order puddings (to the point that my son went to find a staff member to ask if we could please order), and then another overly long wait for the puddings to arrive (our choices were both pre-prepared) and nearly decided to cancel, but they finally turned up (though one wasn't what we'd asked for, so that had to be swapped!). And then another wait for the bill, which not only had the extra billing for the hops, but also had charged my son for his kids menu item, ignoring the fact that there was a sign on the table stating that kids eat free with two paying adults. That would have been an extra AED 80 we could have paid for those two mistakes, yet when I (very pleasantly) pointed it out to our waitress she didn't apologise at all.

My daughter is on crutches at the moment and was in discomfort by the end of the meal, so I didn't wait to speak with a manager. My fault on that one.

We've been to JTG many times before, and will, no doubt, again but this was a disappointment.

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