Itzza Pizza

Al Mushrif.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Itzza Pizza, Itzza Winner The only thing better than these pictures is the food itself!

What can I say? This Italian Extraordinaire is one of a kind. Went for the chocolate calzone...because I like to eat dessert first. It's what I do. But of course I can't appear to be backwards and weird so I order a pizza-The Diavola, because I'm at a pizza place and pizza is what you order at a pizza place...but then wait, I hear a wise conscience on my shoulder whispering, "Order the wings". The waiter confirms my thoughts, "Wings for a starter?" Why yes, I'll take the buffalo!

I couldn't possibly eat all of this though. After debating back and forth with my second conscience on the other shoulder: "Order a large" he says. I think to myself: If I'm getting wings, I should just order a small pizza. 'Waiter, I'll take Daviola. What's the difference in the small and large?" Mistake on my part. No turning back. I can't eat a pizza with 4 slices I think to myself. Ok, Conscience #2, you win. 'Waiter, can I change that, I'll take a large.' I mean after all, I can always eat it later.

The food: 1. Buffalo Wings "starter" were arguably the best wings in Abu Dhabi! (Sounds like a challenge). They were packed with flavor. They had a small kick and were seasoned and spiced to perfection. Finger-lickin good! The 8 wings were also a generous portion with a good chunk of meat on each bone. I was content after eating the wings, but my table was just starting to fill up with food. 2. The Daviola Large Pizza- Wood Fire 🔥 Flawlessness. The temperature, the freshness of ingedients, the portioned toppings, the smell, the taste, the satisfaction, the X-Factor. Everything was perfect and careful attention to small details was evident. This is a must-have pizza! 3. The Chocolate Calzone- Wings and pizza and calzones- Oh My! What a divine bite of heaven every time you sink your choppers into this beauty. Need I say more? I propose an addition. This place has meter-long pizza's! I'll take a meter-long chocolate calzone, please and thank you!

Service- Fast, friendly, and always checking in to make sure everything is perfect! The food came out very fresh but very quick.

Atmosphere- Very nice. The inside was decorated very well and they had some soft music playing in background to put you in the classic pizza mood!

Overall- This place gets all 5 stars from me.

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