India Gate

Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel.

This place is newly opened (and not to be confused with India Palace!). Set up on the first floor of GCF Hotel, this place is relatively quiet as I don't think the word is out on the street yet.

We were welcomed by Dinesh (Head Waiter) who assured me I would enjoy the food here. Once seated, I asked for his recommendations which we took on board and added a few extra choices of our own.

We were served with complimentary Lassi (yoghurt kind of drink) with poppadums and chutneys/pickles, which my friends thought was average.

For starters, we ordered Balluchi Sheekh Kebabs and Traditional Tangdi Kebab. The first is minced lamb kebabs on metal skewers served over a charcoal burning utensil; the kebabs had a nice spice with maybe a little bit of colouring but cooked to perfection; moist and not dry. The two chutneys complemented really well with this. The Tangdi Kebabs are chicken thigh pieces which were just sooooo delectable. (That was the first word that came up in my mind and I checked on thesaurus, and it matches the exact description!!). This was like nothing I have tasted previously and if I had the right backing, I would have ordered another round before I settled the final bill!

For mains, we had Lamb Chops Masala and Balti Murgh, both served with butter naans. The Lamb Chops were a bit of a let down; not enough meat on the bone! And the masala just didn't hit the right spot! It left a kind of funny feeling on the tongue. The Balti Murgh, however, was amazing. The fusion from the masala meant it was good enough to have without the chicken; this dish was a big hit and went down well with the butter naans.

Dinesh, then twisted our arms to try their home made ice cream. We agreed to have the vanilla which had almonds and pistachios crushed in; again, not a fave for us.

Lucy (our friendly waitress for the evening), recommended we should try their Biryani. Unfortunately, we had already thrown the towel in by this time. Although, fortunately, I have been informed that they will be having an unlimited Biryani offer of some kind starting on 1st September! And, I believe that our Rachael Partington is already in talks with Lucy...

All in all, this place warrants a revisit; Biryani, here we come

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