Iftar set menu @ Chateau Blanc

Marina Village.

This time around we wanted to go for a laid back and chilled out iftar where we could just stay seated getting the food served to the table so we could relax and trully enjoy the food at a comfortable pace. We did come across a few restaurants offering iftar set menus and after checking Best Bites for reviews of our options we decided Chateau Blanc is our cup of tea for the experience we were looking for. Boy we were not disappointed. From the moment we walked in the staff was so friendly and accommodating. Helped us choose a comfortable table and explained how they serve their food. They have 3 types of cucuisine you can choose from. Asian, Continental and Middle Eastern. We chose the Asian and the Continental options and oh my when the food arrived our 1st reaction was "wow". The food looked beautiful, tasty and it was a lot. The Asian soup was so good, the salads so fresh, the chicken katsu so yum, the salmon done to perfection and quite a big piece for a platter with so much variety, oh the nasi goreng was so good too and all the dishes had those lovely asian/Thai flavour. The dessert was my all time favourite sticky rice with Mango could have done with a lil bit more coconut milk. The Continental set menu was great too. Though the corn soup was strange the salads were lovely, the chicken wings just the right crispy and the seafood pasta so creamy and the Tiramisu was just melt in the mouth 😄After our meal we got a pot of Moroccan tea which was so welcoming after all that food.

It was real value for money and too much food for 2... lol... We really took our time enjoying the spread and was so happy at the end of the night. It is a must try for anyone who appreciate slow eating 🙂

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