Ibn Hamido

Behind Sofitel Hotel, Opposite Emirates Post Office,Khalifa Street.

Live from a truly hidden gem, Ibn Hamido newly opened Abu Dhabi branch! Calling out to all seafood lovers ❤️❤️ Coming from an Alexandrian ( aka Egyptian by the Mediteranean) this place hits all the right notes for me in terms of flavor! It is located in a small cozy place in the city, but so charmingly renovated to make any Egyptian feel back are greeted by a charming sailor dressed host who is very knowledgeable about the menu...we chose to have their famous seafood soup that is simply mind blowing with its flavors! We also ordered smoked herring salad, caviar salad, and eggplant with tomatoes in a spicy garlic dressing..they serve the salads with their freshly baked in-house bread still hot from the oven! For the main we shared a hammour platter that is simply divine...made of hammour fish baked with crabs, mussels, and shrimps all in a delicious orange scented white sauce and served with your choice of white or sayadiya brown rice...a truly exquisite meal with amazing value for money! We also found out that they make an all you can eat every Tuesday for 149, which I am planning to try out soon! Highly recommend this place for everyone looking for a super casual, cozy, laid back seafood meal exploding with new flavours and easy on the wallet 😊 and to all Egyptians this is a place to go if you are feeling homesick and want to eat seafood our way 😉

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