Hoi Han


Mercury Retrograde happens three times per year, when it slows down, and appears to stop and move backward (retrograde). It is an optical illusion, since there is forward movement, like speeding by a slow-moving train—as it recedes, it appears to go backward.

Some time, unique experiences are coming once in a life time. Others, such Mercury Retrograde or our visit to Hoi An are triannual... fortunately 😉

Taking advantage of my mom spending a few weeks in AD, we are able to have some truly needed dinner date, and Hoi An has become something of a ritual.

Hoi An apparently translates as ‘peaceful meeting place’, sounds like a pretty fair description of the restaurant’s charm, classy, cosy, dining space on the ground floor of the Shrangri-La. A little magic corner offering warm welcome at its finest.

Get in. Close your eyes, just for three seconds. You are now somewhere in Vietnam. Walk slowly. Smell the tranquillity. Enjoy the amazing pictures. Sitting areas, both indoors or outdoors, have the romantic vibes for special occasions.

FOOD. The menu is extensive, covering all the bases from meat to seafood and appetising vegetarian selections. You can ask for recommendations, you can go by random or just follow your cravings, don't worry, you will never get wrong here. Everything is amazing.

Hoi An crispy Seafood Rolls or Vietnamese fresh Crab Rolls are our fav appetisers. They both have the freshness, the originality, all the colours, all the aromas... the joy of eating!!! Mains: Steamed Seabass in Banana Leaf is my wife's must and Black Angus beef tenderloin is one of my favourites. Its tender like butter, it comes full of flavours. It is fresh, fragrant glory. I would never stop eating this. Dessert is always my wife's choice. Choco fondant... when love turns into chocolate, or vice versa.

When it comes to Asian cuisine, Vietnamese is still largely underrepresented in favour of more readily available options, such as Indian, Japanese or Thai. However, once you are exposed to its vibrant flavours, you will travel the lengths of the city to taste more. And once you find Hoi An, you just know you will be back.

But, is all this true? Remember, I am just a man, standing in front of a woman, asking her to love him ❤️

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