Genghis Grill

Al Wahda Mall.

I was craving for dimsum so we opted to try the always busy spot. Thankfully, we arrived early and it was almost empty (well not for another 30 mins). The welcoming party is a delightful face of warm smiles and helped us ease to our table with "chandeliers" made up those steel wanter tanks, i guess. Interesting piece. Our server, Romnick, patiently answered all our questions on every dumpling on the menu, never losing that smile when we change from one item to the next. He explained quite clearly all the ingredients in (i know! such patience!) and which ones are best sellers. We ended up ordering all the dimsums in the menu just to see their difference from the others. We had all of them served "half/half" - three piece steamed and three pieces fried. It was fantastic! Loove the Yaki Gyoza because i adore anything with mushroom. Their dumplings are perfectly rolled,the wrapper is perfectly holding the filling. Ive had dumplings i other places where it is too thick that is just all dumpling wrap or it is too dry and it becomes tough. Here it is beautifully good. It is almost enough to fill a dinner, but heck we have to taste everything else.

For the mains, we had Thai Street Chicken noodles and it is yum. Perfectly cooked noodles, chicken pieces i can see (big enough), great texture of crunchy greens and a the taste of that Thai seasoning, sweet-ish/salty. Id like to say tho that they said the items are good for "sharing" but we beg to disagree. Or we maybe just hungry? 😜

We also had the Korean BBQ chicken. Lovely grill marks on white meat and bok choy. The faint charred taste complements that Korean sauce that is glazed over the meat and the veggies. Cooked perfectly,not dry.

For the drinks? It was recommended that we try this gigantic Watermelon juice that is actually good for bathing (LOL joke). It is sooo huge that yes we agreed THIS is PERFECT for sharing!! Indeed it is refeshing. Perfect to calm those taste buds and end the night. :)

Nope we didnt have space for dessert. 😔 Because i had finished like three servings of their complimentary rice crisps (?) that they serve while waiting 😜

We will be back to taste the curry! and rice bowls! and dessert!! ☺️❤️

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