Poke Poke

John Hatton

A quick shout out to all the mums and dads who have been left behind in the sandpit. I know it's not much fun choosing between cooking for one or ordering a burger that looks like the aftermath of Chernobyl. I am relieved to tell you though that I have found "poke poke" which, after eating was quite simply delicious and made me feel very satisfied. Once you get past the slightly questionable slogan on the napkin, the salad does deliver on everything it promises. A wide menu with fresh imaginative ingredients with raw possibilities for the hardcore and the option to build your own bowl. This is the californian bowl. It's definitely not the usual smattering of vegetables with a field of lettuce underneath! I've seen outlets on Reem and in the new MASDAR mall so there is good coverage too. At 55 dirhams for a small bowl (which is what this size is) it might be a bit pricey for some but at least I can go to bed tonight knowing that I might just get into my trunks when I join my lot on holiday Hope this helps and happy holidays to all!!👍👍

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