Sally Ainslie

Tired of being a sophisticated grown-up (stop sniggering) I and six chums headed off, ready to experience the standard brunch that Abu Dhabi excels in.

I had won a brunch for 4 at Funch Brunch @ Viewz Bar and Grill (floor 17 of the Cristal Hotel) and hubby was pretty mad at me, as I’d tagged three mates but not him so he had to pay for himself (that’ll learn him for not being a Best Bites member... a grave error he’s now seen fit to correct).

This experience is all about the fun, upbeat mood, and boy it had it by the bucket full. Lauren ran the show with ease, and had us all chatting with strangers, drinking, eating, and playing games. The time passed all too quickly.

I thought I was too old for fun and games, but it appears not. I flung my Zimmer frame to the side and joined in (and yes, I was the only person to get a ball-in-one in “beer pong”, and I remain undefeated in this respect).

Thank you to Best Bites, and to Funch Brunch for the most excellent experience - all your staff were a credit to you, and the food, drink, and service were fab.

10/10, would recommend to a friend looking for 100% fun guaranteed.

Edit (addition): If anyone would like us to come and eat / have fun / review their establishment, then entice us with money and free vouchers (the attendance of person no 7 / celebrity may not be guaranteed).

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