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Updated: May 28

Rachael Partington Admin · 10 May at 12:17

FRESH BAKES CAFE 🍰 🧁 🍪 20% off baked goods and custom cakes. Delivers across town Call 02 556 3011 for orders

We all know about the wonderful themed cakes that come out of the Fresh Bakes Cafe kitchen - they’ve been making appearances at birthday parties across town for a few years now! But what we haven’t seen so much of is their other wonderful cakes, that can be presented for a slightly lower-key birthday or just because you feel the need to indulge. We enjoyed the double chocolate cake with its fudgy frosting and chocolate shavings on top - such a beautiful consistency! And, it smashed our sugar cravings into next week! The carrot pecan cupcakes are a meal in themselves. With the maple pecan frosting, they are light and supremely filling and delicious. Make someone’s day by gifting them a box! Alongside their range of cookies, they’re also doing some fabulous cookie decorating kits. The cookies (6) are outlined and come with icing and sprinkles - all you need to do is snip the bag and away you go. Top tip: snip close to the bottom for less mess and more precision ... yes, I learned this the hard way 🤣 These are great for kids of all ages: took my 11-year-old and me around 40 minutes to do three each but little ones would manage it fine. It’ll be messy but loads of fun. Check our insta stories for more info on this! Fresh Bakes is a business with lots of strings to their bow and now you can get 20% off baked goods, dine-in and custom cakes (NB not cookie decorating kits) which slides them firmly up the scale in terms of cost-effectiveness! If you’re in the mood for a yummy sweet treat, Fresh Bakes can sort you out with whatever it is you’re craving. 🧁 Call 02 556 3011 for orders #featuredreview #invited #supportlocalbusinesses

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