Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

Now this has always been a favorite of ours but in fairness we hadn't been in a long time and now for the life of me I don't know why. I feel like an already excellent place just got better!

We came here last night for my birthday dinner and to start with, they had decorated the table with little jewels and rose petals which I thought was a cute touch. 10 points for trying to think outside the box. Danielo our waiter was a gem and completely on to it! I had the buratta to start (my default I love it) and hubby had scallops stuffed with buratta. Both nothing short of amazing. And the size of the cheese I got was massive!

For our mains we both got the beef tenderloin to avoid any potential argument over food envy (it's a real thing between us). Honestly, I'm not a meat lover. And least of all a beef lover. But once in a while if I am somewhere where I think I'll get a piece of beef that isn't as chewy as the sole of my shoe I'll go for it. Best. Decision. Ever. 200g steak cooked to perfection with two lovely pieces of fois gras on top. It didn't even need a sauce but the Barolo red wine jus with it 👌🏼. Again the portion was very generous and I finished my plate. I'm known to finish my plate and the plate of others on the table if they can't hack it 🙈. But I was stuffed. Not all the potatoes made it down. To add, I had ordered a glass of red wine and asked Danielo to bring it with the mains and my negative self, thought he will probably forget but you know what...? Not even a minute after my main plate landed there he was with the wine. Steller service!!

For dessert, I was serenaded by the guitarist singing 'happy birthday' and a lovey plate of petit fours came out. This didn't satisfy my sweet tooth (it's very sweet 😜) and we ordered a tiramisu to share. Big mistake. It was a beast! Literally the bowl was the size of half a football. The best dessert portion I've ever seen! Finally a size I like! But again we couldn't finish it and I felt so sad. It was delicious and I already told hubby we are coming back just for dessert!

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