Food Shed

Bloom Gardens, next to Brighton College & Khalifa Park.

Food Shed is newly opened and has a focus on wholesome food with a vegan-friendly menu. We stopped by today for a quick breakfast. They’re still finding their feet, so it wouldn’t be fair to give them a star rating, but so far it looks promising. The coffees were good, and towards the upper end of what you’d expect to pay at 20AED for a (very) small cappuccino, and exactly the same price for a much larger flat white. There’s a wide range of teas, juices and smoothies - mostly the prices seem reasonable although I’m not sure 43AED for an iced tea is justified. The pancakes were good (if not quite as fluffy as the menu promised). The salads in the counter looked really good, and I particularly like the look of the ‘build your own’ breakfast (see menu). What I think they’ve managed to do particularly well is bring plant-based dishes into the mainstream where they sit comfortably alongside traditional comfort food favourites - on this basis it’d make a great lower to mid-island option for an otherwise hard to please mixed group. I think for us price wise it sits somewhere in the grey area between just a shade more than we’d happily pay for a weeknight dinner, but maybe not quite fancy enough for a weekend date night, but I am sure there are plenty who wouldn’t blink twice at the prices, so I expect they’ll do well.

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