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Updated: Oct 31, 2018

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Foo Man Choo (delivery or take away only on island/Saadiyat) 🥡🥢 🥢 50% OFF online orders over AED 100 using code FMC50❗️ 🥢

Where to find the best Chinese delivery is always a controversial topic on the group and we think Foo Man Choo's is worth a go! Family favourites: Flaming Siam Squid, King Kong Pow Beef, Foo Fried Rice For starters, the Flaming Siam Squid lived up to its name with its fiery flavour and the calamari grilled to tender perfection. The Classic Vietnamese spring rolls were delicious: soft but not soggy, with a bit of crisp and full of flavour and generous amounts of filling. The King Kow Pow Beef was a hit with us all – the beef was nicely glazed in the sweet and spicy sauce, and the mix of fresh vegetables with crunchy roasted peanuts finished the dish off perfectly. Warning: The cherry looking items in this dish are NOT cherries. They’re little balls of chilli fire as we soon found out :’) The Indo-Chinese chicken (their take on Manchurian chicken) was lip-smackingly good, while the Orange Blossom chicken had the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus flavours. The best thing about these dishes is that you could see what you were eating - none of this 'lots of sauce, no substance' business often happens with Chinese takeaways. For sides, skip the Nasi Goreng rice and head straight for the Foo Fried Rice and Foo's Singapore Noodles. If you're looking for a thicker noodle, try the Shanghai Beef Noodles.

+ Great flavours, eco-friendly boxes and cutlery, the 'L' portion sizes are very big, helpful staff, good delivery time, great combo packages available - More expensive than average delivery, but take advantage of the current 50% off promo on online orders

Place your order through Foo Man Choo website to avail 50% OFF online orders over AED 100 using code FMC50 #invited

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