First Clique

Khalifa Park.


This is a hidden gem (well, maybe not so hidden, because it was pretty busy in there, but I've never heard of it before) I decided to visit First Clique because they're in the Entertainer, they're not far from home, and because I saw from their online menu that they had a good selection of foods that I knew my daughter would eat.

Parking isn't easy at this location. It is in a business area with tons of cars all over the place. We might walk or take a taxi next time.

The menu is so large that both my daughter and I had trouble deciding what to order. I opted for the burger trio, and she opted for the chicken burger. I also ordered the strawberry oatmeal smoothie, because it sounded really exotic and healthy. Other items we were considering were pizza, fajitas, and shawarma. Lots of people around us had salads, and there was also a buffet available (salad, pizza, quiche, pasta, etc) for 55 dhs. My favorite burger of the three was the smoked salmon one, the one I was expecting to like the least. I wasn't too crazy about the texture of the buns, and the beef burger was too salty, but the garnishes were good and the coleslaw was excellent. We had decided when looking through the menu to split a dessert, but by the end of the meal we were too full to go through with it.

The manager spoke with us just as we were leaving. I was impressed by how much energy he had and how evident it was that he loved his job.

There seemed to be a lot of regulars in there, and he treated them all like family. I can't quite believe the prices on the bill. The beverages were about average value, but the main dishes were incredible prices.

I would come back for dessert, because they were reasonably priced too. With Entertainer, we paid 70 dhs for three mini burgers, a burger, a soft drink and a smoothie.

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