Filini Garden

Radisson Blu, Yas Island.

Thanks so much to Best Bites for our prize at Filini Garden, Radisson Blu, Yas Island today. We enjoyed a fabulous brunch. It was a great launch with gorgeous food and excellent service. The majority of the food is brought to the table but here are things you can top up with inside- Antipasti, bread, salad, dessert and cheese. The quality of the food is fresh and tasty and the service was second to none today. We were well looked after by everyone, especially the assistant manager, Sreejith Sreekumaran. Nothing was too much trouble, especially as our son is allergic to wheat and milk. The chef came to talk to us and explained what he could have. My son chose gluten free pasta with a gorgeous bolognese. They are working on a gluten free pizza base, but they don’t have a separate oven to cook them. I understand they can’t say it’s fully gluten free. They gave him some gluten free bread and vegetable sticks in addition. I suggested gluten free breadsticks which they thought would be a good idea. The few suggestions I had were well received and accepted. The brunch does have a lot of fish and seafood which I can’t eat, so the chef prepared me an amazing Rib eye steak, but there was still lots of other things to eat. I also don’t eat a lot of wheat and there was plenty to eat for me. There is a gin bar and a couple of other Italian style cocktails, prosecco etc in that package. They have interesting non-alcoholic cocktails too. The brunch runs from 12.30-4, whereby afterwards you can stay on until 8pm for an extra aed 100 if you’ve been at the brunch, or aed 150 each of you arrive then for an after brunch party. The saxophonist was still playing when we left just after 4. There had been some lounge music when we arrived which started to annoy me after a while but then they played much better music. I think we might have stayed on if we’d not had some of our kids with us. Lovely weather at the moment so get yourselves there if you can. They have other reasonable themed nights during the week too... Nice to meet you Natalie Christodoulides


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