Filini Garden

Radisson Blu, Yas Island.

I’m horrific about writing reviews if I don’t do it the day of, but much like my wife tells me when I miss her birthday by a month, “Better late than never!” So here goes.

We went to Fillini Gardens brunch last weekend and let me tell you, if you’re craving some taste of Italy, this is the spot!

The brunch is table service with a few areas that have other antipasto(anti-pasta? Antipasti? I don’t actually know, but whichever one means appetizers) and desserts. The caprese salad an absolute must try, as was their cured meats. The table appetizers were good, but I wasn’t blown away as much as I was by the caprese on the self-serve bar.

The mains were pretty solid. The steak was cooked perfectly and the seafood grill was gigantic and full of delicious options. The one downside would be the lobster ravioli. I felt like it could use some more filling in it.

They also had a section where you could order different types of pastas and have them made fresh. I sampled a few from other plates at our table and was delighted!

All in all, I gotta give this one a 5/5. The company was great, the atmosphere was lovely, the views are breathtaking, the service was super attentive and the food is still on my mind many days later!

Plus!!!! Look how pretty I look!!!

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