Fairmont Bab Al Babr Brunch

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

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We had been to the Fairmont early on in the brunch season and whilst we had a good time, we had a few complaints that we sent through to them. They invited us back to try it out again, we were a table of 4 this time so still paid for 2 of the brunches. They have improved alot since our last experience and changed things around a little. I'm coeliac so require gluten free and they couldn't do enough to help. They suggested only eating at the grill station and anything else they would make in the kitchen. I asked about the paella station that was there last time and they made me a fresh one, I also got a gluten free pasta, at which point I was quite full and took a break. They were both some of the best dishes I've had in Abu dhabi. When it came to desert they presented me with a platter of gluten free offerings which were also delicious. They had several different things like a turkey on a spit and smoked beef ribs. The rest of the buffet was a hit with our guests, as was the mojito station that had several different flavours to try. I'd also recommend the welcome drink cocktails that were perfectly sweetened and poured. Once again we enjoyed the live music and DJ, although it wasn't as busy as last time so had a bit less atmosphere. That was outweighed by the fact that we could sit outside and enjoy the weather. If you have any dietary requirements just give them a heads up the day before.

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