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🟢 Elysium 🟢 Shakhbout City ... finally, somewhere good! Open 9am-midnight

You wouldn’t be shot down for thinking the KCA/Shakhbout area is starved of great eateries. But despair no more off-island dwellers: Elysium will be your new favourite hangout! It’s easy to find: straight opposite the roundabout as you come from KCA and you walk into a huge, quirky garden area that will be fabulous in winter. But the interior is what grabs you. It’s not too big and spans three levels so there’s plenty of seating without appearing so, and it has clever spaces and alcoves which means you always feel like it’s busy. And the food? Well now, the food is very cool. In both my visits it was funky and filling but also light and fun. The menu is typically broad but has enough different items, devised by the very skilled Chef Simon, to keep you wanting to return. What did we love? The rice, both the pineapple rice that is served in a pineapple half (AED50), and the Elysium tower, drizzled with teriyaki sauce. This is an ‘oh I’ll only have a spoonful’ situation, that turns into an ‘oops, downed the whole thing’ scenario 😂 We loved the calamari: crisp, hot and perfectly seasoned and also the bao buns(AED45). I often find bao are a little bit uninteresting, taste-wise because people are distracted by the softness of the bun. Not this one: the hero is the crispy chicken inside. Superb! Don’t go past the cheesy fries either - delicious! (AED25) Did we stop there? Well, no, no we didn’t! We enjoyed the French toast and the tiramisu cheesecake was very good, as was the vanilla milk cake which both Natalie and I are fussy britches about. And the fried ice-cream ... drooool! In short, there’s something for everyone, for breakfast lunch and dinner, and portions are generous. We didn’t try any salads or pasta (the noodles are on my list for next time) and I’m lining up for the banana pudding whip. I should also mention that the coffees and frappes were excellent - you could easily just go for these. So Elysium is a winner. It made us feel good and replete and planning the next visit: we’ll certainly be regulars. TAG someone who needs to know about Elysium! 💚 I just love a hidden gem, don’t you? ta #featuredreview #invited #butreturnedforgoodness

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