Elements Brunch, Le Royal Meridien

So who knew?! This brunch is the most underestimated in town and will put Le Royal Meridien on the map for both food and atmosphere. It’s a flat shoes brunch, a casually impressive, bring your friends and plan to spend all day here brunch. And it’s going to beat many more expensive offerings hands down. Here’s why. Encompassing the four elements of fire, water, air and earth the food was truly impressive. I’m not going to run through everything we ate because that would be embarrassing, 😅 but so many things stood out for us ... I don’t usually do ribs because I don’t like getting mucky, but these were gooooood! Italianissima gave the thumbs up to the truffle pizza, which is quite the compliment! We loved the food trucks outside and chose tacos, sliders and fries, along with a freak shake. Oh, and a glorious bao with Peking duck! Inside again, we fawned over the seafood and actually the sushi was my fave - I could’ve totally blown my cover and just had that all day. I liked that the wasabi was on the side too, making it nicely kid friendly - ok and friendly for adults who don’t love wasabi 😉🙋🏼‍♀️. Funnily enough, it was in the vegan section that we found our food of the day: potatoes done a million different ways. My pic doesn’t do them justice but these were better than any I’ve eaten out anywhere ever. I’m constantly disappointed by desserts at brunches. I detest little glass jars of things that all taste the same and messy looking cakes. None of that here! Chef Hamza is an outstanding patisserie chef and his magic touches lit up the dessert room: a doughnut wall, chocolate tuiles, numerous small cakes, balls and swirls all deliciously presented. I trotted around with my camera, balancing a freshly made frozen yoghurt ice cream, frozen in front of your eyes and dipped in yumminess. There were at least 4 drinks stations including a boat (yes!!!) serving champagne and oysters and a Jameson’s station where the mixologist made THE best drink. Service was good throughout and staff enthusiastic and excited to show off their skills. There’s a kids section with some kids favorites and a bouncy castle and colouring table - and pool access. The band was fabulous and the acrobatics show was whoooooop! We sat outside, under shade and I could’ve sat there with my ‘opaque flavours’ all night. In short, we loved it. I’m coming back with the family because my kids will have a ball. Bottom line: AED275, AED375, AED425 with a 20% BB discount. Bargain. Huge congratulations to Chef Jay, David, and all the team at Le Royal Méridien: you’ve made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and it’s a winner with me. #invited #bookmeinfornextweek

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