Eat. Play. Laugh. Brunch

Marriot Downtown.

Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We went as a group of 18 adults and 1 child on the third week of this brunch. The photos we'd seen beforehand were not promising, but the Best Bites 50% discount kept us focused.

Arrived to an Aperol spritzer welcome drink and was guided through the food options by the manager. The restaurant is bright and airy but seems quite sparse and lacking in atmosphere. Not too many tables though, which meant that the drinks service was pretty good once it got going.

The food is good but not fantastic. Salad, sushi and starter stations as per usual and an unexpected chaat station, but no pasta. There are steaks and kebabs cooked to order, and roast beef, short ribs and mini burgers as the main meat options. There are a few other main dish options, including a rather tasty tandoori salmon. The lack of potato and vegetable options disappointed me, with only mash and a few sautéed vegetables on offer. Desserts were standard with nothing to set them apart really.

The drinks options however... three packages as usual: soft drinks (Eat), house beverages (Play) and bubbly (Laugh) and numerous cocktail and specialist drink stations. Blackberry mojito, lime and chilli concoctions and a lovely gin bar to name but a few 🍹

The highlight, and what makes this brunch stand out, is the entertainment element. We were visited twice at our table by the BEST close up magician I have ever seen, and a caricaturist who drew a lovely picture of our guests from U.K. There is a giant Jenga, table football and beer pong set up at the end by the gin bar, which makes for great 3pm onwards fun. Guests are invited for a post brunch complimentary drink at Velocity bar to round the afternoon off nicely.

Is it the best brunch around? No... Is it good fun? Absolutely!

The current 50% discount from Best Bites is great at 270dhs for the bubbly package but I don't think I'd pay full price for it.

(There are a lot of photos to make up for the lack of them on the first review of their first week!)

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